"So that's Twitter, right?"

Having a social media presence is like being listed in the phone book of 20 years ago.

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The power of pictures.

Anthony-Denmark Communications videos have been seen in 106 countries and all over the U.S.

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Focused Service

Increased use of technical skills by social workers will help to save organizations time and money.

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Communication is key.

Anthony-Denmark Communications seeks ways to help social causes through the use of technology.

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Social Media Presence

Stay informed and in touch as you choose the mobile applications and devices for your information needs.

Multimedia/Video Production

Videos designed to tell your story to customers, funding sources and when you just want to toot your own horn.

Computer/Technology Consulting

Better reports, improved effectiveness and more organizational success. Technology advances quickly.

Communication Strategies

With the support of Anthony-Denmark Communications, organizations will spend less time with time wasting activities and have more time to positively affect the lives of others.

Technology can take what is our imagination and bring it into the real world.